3D Concept Models and Animations

Explaining your ideas to get approval can take time when. If a picture speaks a thousand words then photo overlays, 3D CAD models and visual animations will save a lot of paper, and breath. If you don’t have time to explain, use the skills of SKETSCH with Rapid Design Visulisation software to fast track your consultation.

All modelling can be exported to clients within the CAD software, or in the Adobe PDF format for viewing on all PCs and mobile devices. Our Safesync facility also allows SKETSCH to transfer large files to and from you with minimum effort.

CAD 3D Concept Models and Animations

  • Fully licensed CAD modelling suite
  • Bulk earthworks
  • Benching
  • Volumes
  • 3D concept models and public presentations
  • AutoCAD Civil3D ®
  • Advanced Road Design ®

Example CAD 3D Models

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